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Site Cuts

Preparing the land for new infrastructure starts with a site cut. We are able to remove all unwanted rocks, turf, clay and other soil types to level out your property for building. This type of earthmoving in Geelong is essential to create a solid foundation for your project.

If you are pouring a slab of concrete you’re aware of how much easier and more cost effective this is once a level site cut has been implemented first. We use string lining and laser technologies (surveying) to measure the lay of the land and ensure our excavators create the flattest surface possible.

We are also able to create incline or decline site cuts to help water drainage off your property or road so water does not pool and compromise structural integrity over time.

Driveway Excavation

If you are laying a new driveway or carport you may require limited access machinery such as a bobcat or mini-excavator. We have the equipment and expertise to complete such jobs with consistent quality control.

These more delicate cutting jobs often require multiple gradients and precise measurements. Having this done properly before laying pavement, tiles or cobblestone will save you hours of work once the job has begun. If done incorrectly it can become a huge headache for you and your client. Book driveway excavation in Geelong with us to guarantee your project starts as smoothly as possible.

You may also want to combine a site cutting service with trenching, footing or post holing service to kickstart your progress. This way your builders and laborers can get to work installing footings, slabs, retaining walls and other fundamental structures.

Our Services

Land Clearing

Are you looking for professional earthmovers for land clearing services in Geelong? Look no further than our team at Emerich. We offer a wide range of site clearing services to suit your needs. No matter what your land project entails, we have the experience and expertise to get the land cleared. Contact us today to get a free quote for our land clearing solutions.

Driveway Excavation

We are proud to offer expert driveway excavation services. Our earthworks team has a wealth of experience and is passionate about providing quality excavation services. We have a strong track record of delivering driveway excavation projects on time and within budget. Contact us today to find out more about our expertise and portfolio.

Site Cut

Our expert site cut excavation team can make all the difference in ensuring that your site cut project gets off to the best start possible. Our team of experienced professionals understand what builders need. We also have the capacity to deliver on our promises, with a fleet of late-model excavators and other equipment.

Land Clearing Contractor Geelong

If you’re looking for a land clearing contractor in Geelong, you’ve come to the right place. We are the most popular land clearing or lot clearing contractor in the area, and we can provide you with everything you need to get the job done right.

Whether you’re a homeowner tackling some landscaping, a developer looking to build on raw land, or just someone with an itch to level the ground and start fresh, we have what you need.

We offer mechanical tree removal, grading services, and demolition equipment for site prep, so just choose what you need from our diverse range of land clearing services. With our help, your site clearing project will be a breeze. Contact us today to get started.


What is a site cut?
Before any construction can begin, the site must be prepared. This usually involves clearing away any debris and levelling the ground. This process is known as a site cut, and it is typically carried out by an excavation specialist. The quality of the site cut will have a direct impact on the quality of the foundation, so it is important to ensure that the excavation is carried out correctly. Once the site is prepared, construction can begin and the project can progress smoothly.
Do you provide soil removal?
Yes, we provide soil removal services. We understand that every property is different and requires a specific approach for the soil removal process. That’s why our team of experts will work with you to develop a personalised plan that meets your needs and budget.

We also have a variety of equipment that can be used for the soil removal process, including bobcats, skid steers, and backhoes. We’re confident that we can provide you with the solutions you need to get your property looking its best.

Can you demolish structures before a site cut?
Yes, you can demolish structures before a site cut. However, it’s important to take into account the stability of the surrounding structures and how they may be impacted by demolition.

If there is a possibility that the demolition could cause a structure to collapse or be damaged, then it’s best to delay until after the site has been cut. Additionally, you will need to take into account any workers who may be in the area during demolition and make sure they are safe from any potential debris or flying objects.

What is top soil excavation?
Top soil excavation is the process of removing earth from the top surface in order to expose sub-surface materials. This could be for agricultural or construction purposes. The top layer of soil, which is the richest in nutrients and organic matter, is usually removed first.

There are a few reasons why top soil excavation is used before construction. One reason is that it helps to level the ground and make it ready for construction. Another reason is that it helps to remove any rocks or other obstructions from the ground so that they don’t interfere with construction. And finally, top soil excavation can also help to improve the quality of the soil by removing any excess moisture or pollutants.

What is a cut and fill?
A cut and fill is a construction technique used to build earth retaining walls, road cuts, and other excavations. It is also used to shape the surface of a road or railway. A trench is dug and then backfilled with a mixture of broken stone and soil. The trench is then compacted. This process is repeated until the desired height is reached.