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Demolition Geelong

Demolition is a job that requires the utmost care to ensure it’s done without causing damage to neighbouring properties or injuring staff. Our staff go through rigorous training to become licensed operators. We are competent in several different types of demo such total demolition, selective demolition, swimming pool and spa demolition, concrete demolition and even intertal demolition.

If you would like to salvage materials for your new construction or for selling/recycling also offer deconstruction demolition. This is where a team of workers manually strip the materials from the building and keep what ever pieces are reusable. As you might have guessed this style is more costly and time consuming upfront.

However, among the recycling benefits, their are also savings to be made in reusing the stripped materials for new builds. 

We adhere to all Australian occupational health and safely standards when completing these jobs. Whether you need industrial or residential demolition, you need a team with the knowledge and experience to guarantee an effective project.

Demolitions are an essential step in new building projects and play a key role in rejuvenating and rebuilding infrastructure in and around Geelong. Before starting any new job we make sure to take the site surroundings into full consideration as this line of work can be disruptive in residential areas.

Another essential step is to contact all the utility companies connected to the property to ensure that they are properly disconnected. Neighbours must also be given warning in advance to ensure their safety in proximity to the site. Most demolition projects also require permits from the local council which must be strictly adhered to.

We have years of experience communicating with the City of Greater Geelong council and know which permits we need for each job type.

Deciding to demolish instead of renovate can be a difficult decision fueled by several different factors. The most common reason for residential demolition is that a desired renovation or extension is too costly to integrate into the current premises, wherein demolition actually becomes the most affordable option.

The final step to any well executed project is the prompt removal of all waste produced onsite whether recyclable or disposable. We are able to full manage this step and even continue on to a site cut excavation straight away.

Offering this kind of versatility can help fastrack your project whilst saving you time, money and stress by only dealing with one reputable company.